What’s Up! I’m Kate!

If you're new to me...I'm a leading conversion copywriter for online experts. I have the honor of writing for some of the top experts in the space, including James Wedmore, Screw the Nine to Five, Melyssa Griffin, Tiffany Lee Bymaster, and more.

And while that all sounds magical (which it is!), building this business was no walk in the park. In fact, when I first started freelance copywriting in 2015, I had NO idea how to grow my side hustle into a full-time gig. I didn't even know that I wanted to!

But in November of 2017, I was ready to ditch my 9-5 and really go all in on my copywriting business. By November 2018, I had surpassed $100,000. By December of 2019, I had doubled my previous year's revenue. Yep. I've brought in over $300,000 in just two years of taking my freelance business full-time.


Because I finally nailed down the essential ingredients to building a successful and sustainable freelance copywriting business — and I want to share them with you in this 5-day bootcamp!

Have a burning question? Here’s what’scome
up for other bootcampers:

I haven't started my freelance biz yet. Is this for me?


This bootcamp is designed for those looking to start OR scale their freelance copywriting business, and that's because no matter where you are in your freelance journey, learning how to position yourself, price yourself, and promote yourself is crucial.

I haven't started my freelance biz yet. Is this for me?

Don’t worry about it! Your ticket comes with lifetime access to the call recordings, so you can watch whenever is best for you.

However, I’ll be jamming out and answering questions live, so I HIGHLY recommend you show up and make the time! If you don’t prioritize your biz now, when will you?

Will this help me get clients?

For sure, friend! I'm sharing the same strategies I used to build a multi-six figure copywriting business in under two years.

And getting clients is how that happens!

Why is it so cheap to join?

You're right...maybe I should increase the price? Just kidding!

But in all seriousness, I believe the information in this bootcamp should be made available to everyone (no matter their situation), which is why the ticket price is so affordable.

With that being said, I can't confirm if the price will stay this low in the future so I recommend you take advantage of it while you can!

Where is this bootcamp happening?

It's all going down inside our pop-up Facebook group!

If you’ve made it here… then it’s time to decide, friend.

Here’s the truth: nothing changes if nothing changes..

If you're sick and tired of trying and not getting results...

If you've ever thought "I thought I'd be further ahead by now"...

If you're fed the F up listening to all the competing advice swirling around online and just want someone to tell you what to do and how to do it...

Then straight up? You're falling behind if you're not in this bootcamp.

Because "winging it" and hoping it all works out is a surefire way to stay stuck and struggling. And you deserve better than that.

So.. you in?


Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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