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By learning how to make friends at a young age, your child opens doors to a multitude of life benefits including; lasting friendships, emotional well-being, expanded horizons, and personal growth. These skills serve as a strong foundation for their future relationships, careers, and overall happiness. 


"The combination of these skills will empower your Little Leader to become a Master of Themselves."

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Character & Leadership Development Coaches

Hi, We are...
Audra & Matthew Karam

Since 1998, everyone at Karam's Little Leaders is  like family. Starting with our Team of Coaches and the 1,000's of families in which we have provided a positive and fun atmosphere... we  have helped guide our next generation of young leaders beyond the expectations of their High Achieving parents.

Audra has also worked with many Fortune 500 companies and Corporate Leaders sharing the knowledge and facilitating sessions from the Leadership Icon of the world, Dale Carnegie (How to Win Friends and Influence People). Audra is the recipient of many awards for her success with the Dale Carnegie organization in promoting this International Leadership Program.

has a bachelor’s degree in Child Development & Family Ecology, with a minor in Psychology, and a specialization in Child Life. While co-creating the Character and Leadership Development curriculum at their martial arts school, Audra was also working with many school districts teaching elementary students how to stand up for themselves against the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.


Matthew has been studying the discipline of martial arts since the age of 5. It all started when his father began teaching in their family garage and Matthew eventually went onto become a 3rd Degree Black Belt. He started his own school at the age of 18 and opened several more shortly after. With over two decades of teaching experience, he has instructed 1,000's of students. Matthew's primary goal has always been to carry on the family mission his father started in 1975.

Matthew is the creator, visionary and producer of Karam's Little Leaders with Black Belt Bruce. He has a driving passion to help children become the very best version of themselves. The “Karam’s Little Leaders” program is one of his proudest accomplishments.


Ready To Help Your Child Make Friends?

This Guide is for you!

So, if you'd like to tap into more than two decades of Making Friends experience, download the FREE Guide NOW!  This guide will ensure your child gets off to an amazing start.


   Encourage your child to make friends and develop social skills.

   Look for the signs that your child may be struggling with making friends. 

   Help your child deal with the feeling of being left out by their peers.

   Teach your child the importance of sharing, taking turns, and cooperation.

    Help your  child build a healthy social circle.

 and much, much more...!


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